1) Why Models?

It is an interesting view point. Models are exact replica of the objects in question and are made of lighter and cheaper materials than specified to the object. And therefore provide a base for the designers to test their designs before they venture into actual object making which is far far costlier.

2) When & how did this concept come about ?

Basically the model making started with the defence establishments as defence Mechanisms and inventions are extremely costly and models provided cheaper and faster methods for the inventors to test and find out inaccuracies etc before they actually ventured to put them to use.

3) Why Engineering Models occupy prime place in model making?

Engineering Industry is one of the oldest and has gone through generic viagra warning inventions from time to time. The products of this industry involve lot of complexities and are cost heavy for actualizing them. As such a replica maker with cheaper investment to test the creations of the engineered product was very essential and for reasons cited above of modeling concept was readily appropriated immediately. Besides these models find various usage to show off, discussions of designers & clients and for Exhibitions.

4) What are Scaled Models and why are they used extensively?

Engineering Products like machinery and Plants are huge size and showing them with bird’s eye view is possible only when they are scaled down. This effects them to portability and lightness without missing the details of the original equipment. These models are extensively used for different purposes from checking the designers work and inaccuracies to exhibit and show off purposes. Miracle make both scale Down & Up models and this is demonstrated in making Cutting Tool Models of Taegutec India Bangalore wherein their Milling Cutter Tool with holder us made 12:1 scale up.

5) What are our delivery probabilities and costing of the models?

This is an interesting question and correct answering of it is dependent on several factors like the horizontal size of the model required, the Drawing complexities and whether the client requires a dynamic model. Normally the deliveries are also based on the factors cited already but we fulfill delivery aspects of the clients by and large. Generally and unless the client specifies the materials of his choice we use Acrylic and other Plastics for making the models even for Architectural Models.

6) How Does Miracle fetch the models to their Clients?

Miracles give free Delivery to all clients in Bangalore. For out Station Customers we charge them 3 % extra for packing Forwarding so that their models are secured and almost devoid of vibrations in the transits and are sent on Freight to pay basis. We also make Special Packing Boxes of FRP or Wooden with soft stuffing’s to pack the Models at extra cost and these Boxes are reusable ones and can be carried & towed on their wheels as personal luggage.

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